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The Best Email Marketing Tool For WordPress Users

Convertkit is an email marketing tool that enables you to grow your email list, connect with your subscribers, send broadcast emails to your complete list and send automated email sequences and convert your subscribers into buyers. And that is all on autopilot. I have been using Convertkit since 2017, and I was able to make $50,000 in revenue from it! In the post, I will show you exactly what I did in order to achieve that and how YOU can start to make use of Convertkit.

Start With Convertkit For Free

What I really like about Convertkit is that you can start for free! That gives you the opportunity to grow your email list and get used to the interface of Convertkit. If you want to learn from scratch how to work with Convertkit, you can watch this tutorial!



Summary Convertkit is in my opinion the best email marketing tool to use in combination with WordPress.

Ease Of Use

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